Volunteer Ministry:

We are delighted that you want to join the team of volunteers at Great Word Foundation Int'l. Below you can preview all the opportunities we have to volunteer, ranging from one-time events to on-going commitments, from behind-the-scenes tasks to front-and-center positions, from working with children to working with adults! With this variety, you are sure to find an area that best fits your interests, gifts, and availability.Here's how you can get involved:

Once you've explored the opportunities, take time to prayerfully consider where God wants you to serve
When you're ready to get involved:
Full Name
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Email Address
Do you have any dependent or minor children?
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Where do you want to volunteer?
Special Skills

After you submit the form, the volunteer coordinator will contact you within a few days about taking the next step. This may be a one-on-one meeting, or a group meeting with other interested soon-to-be volunteers!

It's no secret to us that great things happen when God's people come together to do His work for His kingdom. No matter what your vocation, gifts, interests, passions, personality traits or availability may be, there is a place for you to get involved! Thanks for taking this first step toward serving at our church--whether it's for the first time or yet another role in a lifetime of volunteering.